Sepura Australian management changes

Sepura has appointed Ronan Rafferty as its country manager for the Australian critical communications market.

Rafferty will be taking over from Doug Bowden, who is retiring later this year. He joined Sepura having previously worked for JVCKenwood Australia, where he managed the communications and professional divisions, primarily selling radio terminals and solutions to mission critical organisations.

Discussing the appointment, a spokesperson said: “He has the opportunity to build on Sepura’s considerable success in Australia, where over 120,000 TETRA radio terminals have now been deployed, primarily in mining but also on transport, utilities, and commercial sites.

“Ronan joins at an exciting time for us as we deploy the first VHF TETRA terminals to the market and continue to develop opportunities for broadband solutions.”

Bowden said: “I can’t wait to get started. It’s been really exciting spending some time with the team and understanding about our new products heading to market.

“VHF TETRA is a huge opportunity for Sepura and we are now seeing real traction with our hybrid broadband solutions, which offer real advantages to mining companies in supporting their operations.”

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