RugGear continues to invest in 5G

RugGear has launched a new ruggedised 5G smartphone, in the form of its RG540.

According to specs released by the company, it is: “Equipped with the powerful 8-core Qualcomm processor. [Based on] Android 12, the device offers users the ideal basis for smooth mission-critical push-to-talk and -video communication.”

It also includes “a six-inch FHD display, 48 MP main camera, 103 dB amplified speaker, 4400 mAh removable battery, WIFI 6, Bluetooth 5.2, NFC and 16-pin interface for secure peripheral connection.”

According to the company, the device also supports the new CBRS frequency spectrum for private LTE networks. A spokesperson said: “RugGear's German R&D team designed the RG540 with the most important components for the target customer group in mind.

“[These components are] usability, security, compatibility, and extreme performance.”