Offshore telecoms network giant joins TCCA

Owner and operator of the world’s largest offshore telecommunications network, Tampnet, has joined TCCA.

According to a statement released by the latter organisation, Tampnet is responsible for 4500km of subsea fibre infrastructure in the North Sea and Gulf of Mexico. This provides: “High-speed connectivity to shore for more than 350 offshore windfarms and offshore oil and gas production platforms."

The statement continues: “With its direct and critical fibre routes between Scandinavia, UK and continental Europe, the network is increasingly utilised for international data and internet traffic. This ties in with the growing needs of the Scandinavian data centre industry and establishment of the large international cloud providers in the region.”

The company also provides connectivity to airlines travelling across the North Sea, via the European Aviation Network.

Discussing its decision to join TCCA, Tampnet CEO, Elie Hanna, said: “[We] hope to bring awareness to the capabilities of our offshore network, and support governments, offshore operators, safety system technology manufacturers and other stakeholders to design and implement secure and responsive systems for their critical operations.

“We look forward to sharing knowledge and collaborating with all stakeholders across these industries. [We aim to] further develop improved, responsive systems and harness the power of telecommunications to support a safe, stable and sustainable future.”

TCCA CEO, Kevin Graham, said: “We are extremely pleased to welcome Tampnet to our membership. They clearly bring a wealth of practical experience as an operator of resilient networks, and a deep understanding of user requirements, in particular the energy, oil and gas and maritime sectors. We look forward to the valuable knowledge they can exchange across our global critical communications industry community.”

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