Nordic companies strike public alerting deal

Network operator Telia and Finnish SaaS alerting specialist Secapp have made a “distribution deal” aimed at critical communications customers.

Picture credit: Adobe Stock

According to a statement, the collaboration “strengthens Telia’s 4G and 5G network services and enables faster and more reliable delivery of alert messages to Secapp users, even in network congestion situations.” This is accomplished through the leveraging of Telia’s private networks.

The statement continued: “Secapp is used for organisational needs related to preparedness, fast [reaction] and maintaining operational capability around the clock. [It] has over 120,000 users in 15 different countries, and it is used for sending millions of alert messages per year.

“Secapp helps centralise alerts, information, and people. It can be used on all common devices, whenever [the device] has an Internet connection.”

Its users include security organisations, public administration, security of supply operators and process manufacturing, amongst others.

Discussing its partner’s technology, Telia senior business manager, Mika Myllymäki, said: “Secapp is a versatile application that saves time and money, and reduces manual work, while enhancing personnel safety. It enables quick forming of situational awareness and offers tools for real time communication, regardless of time and place.”

Kari Aho, CEO of Secapp Oy, said: “The collaboration with Telia opens up the possibility to reach and help even more customer organisations, and at the same time brings new services.”