New mobile security specification

ETSI has released what it calls a “global standard for securing smart phones,” the Consumer Mobile Device Protection Profile.

According to the organisation, the specification – otherwise known as ETSI TS 103 732 - identifies “key security and privacy risks for user data [while providing] appropriate protection.” This data includes photos, videos, location services, passwords, fitness related information and more.

Discussing the standard, a spokesperson for the organisation said: “Smartphones and tablets hold a wide range of user data and apps. At the same time, security attacks have increased, with malicious applications and network eavesdropping.

“The ETSI specification contains a broad coverage of security features including cryptographic support, user data protection, identification and authentication, security management, privacy protection, resistance to physical attack, secure boot, and trusted communication channels.”

Alex Leadbeater, ETSI cybersecurity chair, said: “Following the excellent improvement in security achieved with ETSI EN 303 645 for consumer IoT devices, [we have] been working on securing other consumer devices. ETSI TS 103 732 provides a complete solution to secure smart phones and tablets.”

The new standard is the first of a series in this area being delivered by the organisation over the next 18 months.

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