New global security tech company set-up

A new video monitoring company - Netwatch Group – has been formed in the security sector. The organisation is made up of a consolidation of four previously separate companies, including Onwatch Multifire, Netwatch, CalAtlantic and the National Monitoring Center in the United States.

According to a statement, the company will protect sites across the world, in specific segments including government, transportation, critical infrastructure and manufacturing. Its headquarters will be in Carlow in Ireland.

Speaking of the new company, CEO David Walsh said: “Today we are creating a global leader in proactive monitoring services. There is increased demand for visual monitoring driven by the continuing evolution of technology and advances such as AI, deep learning, 5G and IoT.

“We will specialise in providing risk management, business continuity, security and life safety services to clients across the world. We create a fearless environment for our customers and we will continue to innovate in pursuit of this quest. We have ambitious growth plans to expand our global footprint which we will achieve through organic growth and further acquisitions.”

The company will convene a network of six global monitoring centres, connected by the Netwatch proprietary CRATOS technology platform.