Motorola Solutions migrates a Croatian energy company to a new TETRA system

Motorola Solutions has provided the Croatian energy company HEP with a DIMETRA X Core TETRA system.

The national distribution network company HEP-Operator Distribucijskog Sustava (HEP-OSD) is the largest customer of the new TETRA system in Croatia. Motorola Solutions implemented the technology in collaboration with its local partner Micro-Link.

During the project, the former provider’s 15-year-old TETRA infrastructure was exchanged without any interruptions to the ongoing mission-critical communications. To guarantee a seamless migration to the new system, which operates on another frequency band, Motorola Solutions and Micro-Link developed an interconnection between the old and new TETRA systems.

Now that the migration has taken place, Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA X Core connects field technicians at HEP-ODS who can now communicate reliably and effectively with the dispatching centers as well as with other technicians in the field. This ensures that power outages are minimised and makes it easier for HEP to keep its distribution customers satisfied with the quality of service they receive. To guarantee 24/7 operation of the TETRA system, the delivery includes a service contract which provides HEP-ODS users with access to technical support teams as well as resources for troubleshooting and maintenance.

“We always strive to provide our customers with the highest quality of service at any time,” said Ivan Periša, director of the power system control sector at HEP. “The new TETRA system from Motorola Solutions meets our high demands for 24/7 service. It enables us to guarantee outage-proof, mission-critical communications for our customers and benefit from advanced capabilities in the future.”

“Our fully scalable DIMETRA X Core is an ideal replacement of the old TETRA systems,” said Michael Kaae, vice president Nordics, Eastern Europe & Russia at Motorola Solutions. “The Motorola Solutions system enables TETRA users to get the most out of their existing communications network today, while preparing for the mobile broadband capabilities of tomorrow.”

The new TETRA network is composed of 19 sites which are equipped with Motorola MTS2 and MTS4 TETRA base stations, geographically covering about one quarter of the Croatian territory. Based on this coverage, Motorola Solutions’ DIMETRA X Core system provides group and individual push-to-talk services as well as messaging for enhanced collaboration, dynamic team management for coordinated incident response, location tracking, and voice recording.

Another feature of DIMETRA X Core for HEP-ODS is the packed data functionality which is essential for the energy provider’s SCADA system communication. As the coverage on the new TETRA system is better than planned, HEP-ODS benefits from added flexibility and efficiency in the process of SCADA integration on their new TETRA network sites.

The TETRA system is provided in combination with Motorola Solutions’ TRACES solution for TETRA network optimisation. TRACES tracks network coverage and performance of HEP-ODS’ TETRA system and provides full real-time visibility. The new DIMETRA X Core system also features an efficient software-defined core to reduce system operating costs as well as delivering enhanced cyber security features to protect against ever increasing threats.