Motorola Solutions launches MCPTT-based services in Australia

Motorola Solutions is launching its WAVE PTX Government communications service in Australia, that extends the reach of mission-critical radio systems, provides interoperable voice and multimedia services, and includes Critical Connect, which connects multiple public safety agencies to secure real-time voice and data.

The service also provides a set of features based on the 3GPP MCPTT standard, including multimedia messaging, emergency calling and remote monitoring. It is hosted within Microsoft’s Azure Australia Central, which provides highly secure, resilient cloud access within the Australian-owned facilities of Canberra Data Centres; and can be accessed through flexible subscriptions that allow agencies to choose their mobile network provider. WAVE PTX Government with Critical Connect can be interconnected with existing LMR radio networks including Motorola Solutions’ ASTRO 25 or other P25 networks. Future versions of WAVE PTX Government will support real-time video communications.

“Public safety agencies need reliable voice and multimedia communication to form a clear picture of what’s happening on the ground during major emergencies,” said Con Balaskas, managing director for Australia and New Zealand at Motorola Solutions. “WAVE PTX Government enables first responders working with different agencies to communicate easily, regardless of whether they use a two-way radio, smartphone or other device. This type of capability is invaluable for managing major incidents such as the recent early season bushfires in Queensland and New South Wales.”