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Motorola Solutions collaborates with Google Cloud

Motorola has announced a multi-year agreement with Google Cloud.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock/your123

According to a statement, the agreement will enable Motorola to “focus on innovating cloud solutions across [its] safety and security technologies.”

“With Google Cloud’s infrastructure,” the statement continued, “Motorola Solutions will prioritise the advancement of assistive intelligence. This includes highly accurate and reliable video content delivery, mapping and AI capabilities, to help address real-world safety challenges.”

Motorola executive vice president and CTO, Mahesh Saptharishi, said: “From communities to businesses, our customers rely on us to help create a safer future. This collaboration will leverage the power of sensors, data and AI to help make safety and security more accessible and actionable.

"Whether it’s enabling better protection for schools, identifying unusual activity at businesses or more effectively securing large-scale events, real-time visibility and awareness are foundational for both public safety and enterprise security outcomes.”