Motorola consolidates security suite offering

Motorola Solutions has launched its new Avigilon ‘physical security suite’, which it says is designed to “provide secure, scalable and flexible video security and access control.”

Describing the Avigilon brand, a spokesperson said: “It has been the capstone of Motorola Solutions’ video security and access control business, which has grown through strategic acquisitions over the past five years.

“The launch of the new Avigilon security suite marks the integration of technologies from three acquisitions – Avigilon, Openpath, and Ava Security. [It] creates one of the most extensive physical security platforms on the market today.”

Motorola senior vice president of video security and access control, John Kedzierski, said: “The new Avigilon security suite makes enterprise-grade physical security accessible to businesses of any size. [It includes] modular layers of security that can be tailored to protect them from the increasing number and complex nature of threats around the world.

“[The product] fills a critical void in the market today, bringing together the necessary capabilities to help keep people, property and assets safe.”

One of the constituent parts of the solution - Avigilon Alta - is “an entirely cloud-native security suite that brings together Ava Security’s video portfolio and Openpath’s access control solutions."

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