MobileIron and NetMotion Software collaborate to support the use of mission-critical apps

MobileIron and NetMotion Software are collaborating to enable secure and reliable access to mission-critical apps and real-time data for mobile workforces, through the combination of MobileIron’s unified endpoint management (UEM) platform and NetMotion’s range of mobile productivity and intelligence solutions.

Under this technology partnership, configurations for NetMotion Mobility software offering will be available via MobileIron Core (on-premise) and MobileIron Cloud offerings for iOS and Android devices. The partnership extends across all mobile-centric industry verticals and the two companies claim that it will have an immediate positive effect for public safety/first responder customers.

Other benefits listed by the companies include the ability to “give full visibility into the applications, networks and real-time activity of devices – even those used outside your corporate network”. In addition, the NetMotion app can leverage Android Enterprise capabilities to allow it to be delivered over the air for zero-touch deployment.

“[More than] 500,000 first responders nationwide depend on NetMotion’s software every day to ensure always-on access to critical public safety and policing applications,” said John Knopf, VP of Products, NetMotion Software. “By partnering with MobileIron, we’re making it easier for organisations to deploy our solutions together and ensure that IT Ops teams can create and operate a highly-productive experience for their mobile employees.”

“We’re proud to partner with NetMotion to take the secure mobile experience to the next level for first responders and all mobile users,” said Brian Foster, SVP of product management at MobileIron. “NetMotion naturally aligns with our offering — providing secure access to apps and endpoints, no matter what device, app or network users are on. This is especially essential for all mobile users but in particular for first responders who have critical and time-sensitive missions in the most remote areas of service.”

“Our first responders require real-time and secure access to get their mission-critical assignments completed in a timely and safe manner,” said Shing Lin, director of public safety technology services for Harris County Central Technology Services. “But that was previously a challenge as they were constantly moving in and out of different network coverage zones. The integration of MobileIron’s UEM platform with NetMotion Software helps solve that connectivity problem and provides even more assurance and peace of mind that our first responders will have an always-on mobile experience.”