Mentura Group integrates CDR-Management system for Finnish VIRVE-Network

Mentura Group has delivered a CDR-Management system to collect call detail record information from Finland's VIRVE-Network to manage nationwide TETRA-exchanges

Firefighters_extinguishing_car_on_fire.jpegMentura Group, a critical communication networks service management provider, has delivered a CDR-Management system to collect call detail record information from Finland’s VIRVE-Network to manage nationwide TETRA-exchanges.

The system provides data for control room operators and other systems by collecting and processing event data from the VIRVE-Network. Mentura Group has stated that this will speed up the authorities’ processes when dealing with problem resolution, customer service, network analysis and fault detection. Only those involved in control room operations will use the CDR-Management system, which covers the entire network of more than 1200 base stations.

“The system improves their capability to analyse network problems, monitor users and speed up technical customer service, understand talk group usage and user behaviour,” said Sami Honkaniemi, MD of Mentura Group. “We have been doing TETRA CDR management for 15 years, but of course the solution is cutting edge as it reflects the latest capabilities of TETRA systems and improvements in call data and of course functional improvements.”

Finnish State Security Networks subsidiary Suomen Virveverkko Oy owns and operates the VIRVE-Network. Introduced in 2002, VIRVE is the world's first nationwide TETRA technology-based radiotelephone network. The VIRVE service covers around 35,000 subscriptions and relays more than 100,000 group calls and more than five million SDS messages each day.

Mentura Group is based in Espoo, Finland and Dubai, UAE.