Maltese emergency services roll-out BWV

Malta Police Force has deployed Motorola Solutions’ VB400 body-worn cameras to all of its frontline officers.

According to Motorola, the roll-out is part of the organisation’s transformation strategy, “which aims to modernise the police force while increasing trust and transparency with the community.” The five-year service contract includes evidence management software, as well as the new Bluetooth-activated ‘Holster Aware’ solution, which enables the camera to automatically start recording if a weapon is unholstered.

Speaking of the roll-out, Malta police commissioner, Angelo Gafà, said: “Every day, these body-worn cameras will capture evidence, deliver transparency and increase the efficiency of our workflows. In high-stress situations - which our officers often face - this technology will capture critical on-scene footage without impacting our officers’ focus or attention.”

Motorola’s regional vice president of Europe, Michael Kaae, said: “Malta Police joins police agencies around the world in adopting our integrated body-worn video and cloud-based evidence management solution. [Its use will] increase transparency and allow police officers to focus on keeping communities safe.”

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