Industry giant updates two-way radio offer

Hytera has expanded its DMR portfolio via the release of two new models.

Hytera has expanded its DMR portfolio via the release of two new models, designed for the transport industry.

According to the company, the HM68X and HM65X are “designed to provide reliable voice and data connectivity for workers on the road. No matter [if] they are drivers delivering packages, technicians maintaining electrical lines, or security patrols across campus.”

The HM68X features a ‘transflective’ display, readable – again, according to Hytera - both in direct sunlight and under poor illumination. The HM65X works via a ‘hand-held control head,’ intended to make it easier to install within a vehicle.

Discussing the technology, a spokesperson said: “The HM6 series deliver superb audio in noisy environments. AI-based noise cancellation filters-out echoes and background noises such as horn and engine sounds.

“The built-in BT 5.0 module not only makes it easy to pair with BT audio accessories but also facilitates wireless programming. Considering that radio unit may be installed deep in the compartment, the BT feature is a great effort-saver when the radio needs reconfiguration.”

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