Industry giant signs Portugal agreement

Motorola Solutions has been awarded the contract to “maintain and enhance” Portugal’s TETRA system. The five-year contract was awarded by the country’s Ministry of Internal Administration earlier this month.

The network – which was built and deployed by the company - is operated by SIRESP, which stands for Sistema Integrado de Redes de Emergência e Segurança de Portugal). It is used by public safety and security organiisations.

Describing its ongoing responsibilities, a statement from Motorola said: “[We] will deliver a comprehensive suite of public safety services for SIRESP, including 24/7 local support and technical consultancy services. [This will help to] keep the technology up-to-date, secure and performing reliably in any situation or emergency.”

Motorola corporate vice president, Michael Kaae, said: “We value and respect the trusted partnership we have shared with SIRESP and Portugal's public safety organisations for many years.

“Public safety communications are an essential service that must operate at the highest levels and in the harshest environments. We're proud to continue supporting Portugal’s public safety agencies in their mission to protect the nation's communities.”