Industry giant extends Rio contract

The Secretariat of State for the Military Police in Rio de Janeiro has extended its contract with Teltronic Brasil by a year.

The agreement will see the company providing “corrective and preventive maintenance services for the radio communications network that makes up the state's integrated critical radio communications System (SIRCE).” Teltronic Brasil is a subsidiary of Spanish telecoms giant Teltronic.

Discussing the technology in question, a spokesperson said: “The NEBULA TETRA system began to be implemented on the occasion of the Pan American Games in 2007. Since then, in addition to managing the daily communications of the public security services, it has served to increase security during events such as the Rio Olympic Games in 2016 and the 2014 World Cup.

“After several expansions, it currently serves nearly 50 public security, social defence, public order and critical infrastructure protection agencies. [Users leverage] more than 15,000 terminals and more than 100 repeater stations.”