Hytera secures Hajj transport comms

Hytera has upgraded the communication system for the Metro in the Saudi Arabian city of Makkah.

The solution consists of five TETRA base stations as well as 34 TETRA on-board radios. According to Hytera, the network’s combing and antenna system were all customised for “optimal performance,” while the onboard radios were engineered to connect with public address systems within passenger cabins.

Discussing the roll-out, a spokesperson for the company said: “This highly integrated and customised system has proven to be helpful in assisting the Makkah Metro to improve operational efficiency during the busy Hajj season. [The season] gathered more than one million pilgrims from around the world, this year.”

The 18-kilometer Metro system is a key means of transportation for Hajj pilgrims, connecting as it does the holy sites of Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina. Hytera states it is one of the busiest metro routes in the world during this period.

Deputy general manager of Hytera’s overseas sales department, Stanley Song, said: “The challenge for the transportation system [this year] was huge. To ensure a safe Hajj season for pilgrims taking the Makkah Metro, we decided to customize most of the equipment even under a tight schedule.”

The company also provided communications services to the Saudi Ministry of Health, Saudi Arabian Airlines at King Abdulaziz International Airport in Jeddah, and the Saudi National Water Company.

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