Hytera attends Malaga Plugtests

Hytera participated in the eighth ETSI MCX Plugtests, which took place at the University of Malaga in mid-October.

According to the company, it brought a “complete solution” of an MCX application server, MCX client, and 5G user equipment to the tests. It subsequently validated the interoperability of the solution with 14 other vendors, in different scenarios based on 3GPP mission critical services. This year's Plugtests were expanded to include testing MCS on 5G networks.

Discussing the purpose of the tests, a spokesperson for the company said: “Following the ETSI guidelines for interoperability, the MCX Plugtests test plan was developed to aid operators and industry customers in deploying new mission critical products more efficiently. The capabilities of Mission Critical Push-to-Talk, Mission Critical Data, and Mission Critical Video – collectively known as MCX services or MCS – were tested.

“In the 5G network test scenario, Hytera participated with its 5G XSecure rugged device PNC560, making it the sole vendor bringing a complete solution of MCX AS, MCX client, and 5G UE.”

According to statistics published by Hytera, the one-week event brought together approximately 40 vendors and nearly 200 registered participants. These included 20 representatives from European and American governments, as well as operators and emergency bodies. Over the course of the week, 360 different test scenarios were evaluated.