Huawei signs MoUs on video cloud, crisis and disaster management, and safe cities

Huawei has signed individual MoUs with five enterprises, committing the parties to joint development of public safety solutions at Huawei's Singapore OpenLab. The signings took place at a Huawei-run Collaborative Public Safety Forum as part of INTERPOL World 2017 in Singapore

Huawei has signed individual MoUs with five enterprises, committing the parties to joint development of public safety solutions at Huawei’s Singapore OpenLab. The signings took place at a Huawei-run Collaborative Public Safety Forum as part of INTERPOL World 2017 in Singapore.

In the area of video cloud, Huawei has established new partnerships with Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi), IPSOTEK, and Xjera Labs.

 Agent Vi is a global provider of open architecture, video analytics solutions. Earlier this year, Agent Vi announced the launch of innoVi for Smart Cities, a cloud-based video analytics Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), targeted at municipalities and cities. Employing Deep Learning algorithms that continuously monitor video feeds captured by the city’s surveillance cameras, innoVi for Smart Cities transforms the enormous number of cameras deployed across cities into smart IoT devices.

IPSOTEK focuses on scenario-based video analysis, including intrusion detection, collection and investigation of evidence, people flow management, and other scenarios. It can accurately describe a target’s behavior using a combination of scenarios, increasing the reliability of police reports and significantly reducing false alarms. 

Xjera Labs is dedicated to the development of image and video analysis solutions based on artificial intelligence (AI).  

Commenting on its MoU with Huawei, Agent Vi’s CEO, Mr. Itsik Kattan, said: “The partnership between Agent Vi and Huawei will combine our expertise to jointly create solutions for safer and smarter cities. Through this cooperation, municipal customers will be able to access the most innovative and advanced technologies, allowing them to better serve and protect their citizens.” 

Under their respective MoUs, Huawei will also work with mobile satellite service carrier Thuraya Telecommunications Company on a joint crisis and disaster management solution, and jointly develop safe city solutions with Ascent Solutions. Thuraya’s advanced satellite network provides coverage in the most remote locations, ensuring uninterrupted service across two-thirds of the world — over land, air and sea. 

“This partnership is an exciting opportunity to merge efforts in advancing public safety systems and develop agile solutions for faster, more reliable collaborative search and rescue efforts,” said Jassem Nasser, Thuraya’s chief strategy officer. “We have a proven track record of establishing vital communication links in relief, civil defense, SAR and ISR missions and are determined to continue being a trusted partner for enhanced global satellite communication pathways.” 


The signing ceremony was attended by Lei Hui (second from the right), CEO of Huawei Singapore, and Xianzheng Nie (second from the left), director of the Asia Pacific Solution Development Center, Huawei Enterprise Business Group, attended the MOU signing ceremony. 

Xianzheng Nie said: “Based on our Platform & Ecosystem strategy, Huawei establishes OpenLabs in countries focused on advancing industry innovation. We also aim to accelerate digital transformation of industries through our customer-oriented joint innovation centers, solution development centers, regional industry ecosystem development centers, and industry experience centers in key cities across the region. The Singapore OpenLab focuses on core areas such as Safe City and Smart City and works with 20+ partners to develop C-C4ISR solutions such as video cloud and crisis and disaster management solutions to drive public safety digital transformation and better serve customers in the South Pacific region.”