Goodmill Systems brings critical vehicle connectivity expertise to TCCA

Goodmill Systems, a company that focuses on critical broadband connectivity for vehicle fleets, has announced its membership of TCCA, the representative body for critical communications worldwide.

Based in Espoo, Finland, Goodmill claims to be the first in the world to provide seamless, reliable switching between the best available broadband data networks. This ensures uninterrupted connectivity even on moving applications and where no single network provides the needed connectivity. Goodmill advocates using multiple networks simultaneously as the key to deploying these new data applications efficiently, combining two or more commercial grade networks into one ‘virtual’ connection that meets the requirements of field operations.

“Goodmill Systems has been operating in the critical broadband communications space since its beginning. Our customers are the same customers who have been relying on traditional narrowband networks for critical voice and we are wholeheartedly a critical communications company,” said Ged Robinson, region director for Goodmill Systems (shown right).

“We see that a combination of spectrum and funding limitations are pressuring users, and the delivery of modern services cannot be done in the traditional ways. We see also that technology has advanced remarkably in even the ten year period and we believe that our broadband delivery model is the practical mainstream future of critical broadband. We have global experience in this already and we want to join the debate, share our experience and find a common path forward to satisfy the needs of all our users. TCCA is the forum for that debate.”

“Failsafe in-vehicle connectivity for critical broadband applications is essential if first responders and other critical users are to leverage the full potential of 4G and 5G networks,” said TCCA chief executive Tony Gray. “Goodmill and its leadership team have long been supporters of TCCA’s work, and we are delighted that the company is now formally joining the Association to participate more fully in our activities.”

Goodmill’s solutions are used around the world to ensure that critical connections are always available, and are deployed worldwide in public safety and security, retail, health