German Federal Police opt for Motorola Solutions’ BWV cameras and evidence management software

Motorola Solutions will equip the German Federal police with its Si500 Video Speaker Microphone (which combines the functionality of a body-worn camera with that of a remote speaker microphone – RSM) and a digital evidence management software solution. 2,300 Si500 devices will be delivered by the end of 2020 as part of the rollout.

The technology will be used to help protect officers and citizens, improve incident investigations and reduce the amount of equipment police officers will need to wear on patrol, as they will not have to wear separate body-worn cameras and RSMs. The digital evidence management software will be used to securely store captured footage and ensure that the chain of evidence is preserved from its capture to its use in the courtroom.

“Law enforcement officers are facing increasing challenges today to ensure the safety of citizens. With our globally proven, secure and reliable communication solutions we support public safety organisations to be their best in the moments that matter,” said Axel Kukuk, Germany country manager, Motorola Solutions. “Our Si500 Video Speaker Microphone with integrated body-worn camera provides a best-in-class solution to tackle these challenges and increase the safety of first responders and citizens.”