Georgia: Motorola Solutions to extend TETRA to non-police emergency services

Motorola Solutions announced today (12 November) that it has signed a two-year contract with the Emergency Management Service of Georgia to expand the country’s TETRA digital radio communications network.

The network, which has been used by the Georgian police authorities nationwide for more than 10 years, will be opened to other emergency services such as firefighters and rescue workers. Motorola Solutions will also be responsible for network maintenance and training of Georgian rescue forces.

The company stated that following recent fires and an increasing number of natural disasters in Georgia, the need for a highly available and reliable communication system for all rescue workers and public safety organisations had become critical.

“Our TETRA radio solutions will offer the Emergency Management Service of Georgia to communicate with other public safety organisations in case of an emergency and help them conduct safer missions, ultimately saving lives,” said Michael Kaae, vice president for Nordics, Eastern Europe & Russia at Motorola Solutions.