FirstNet budget approved for 2023

The First Responder Network Authority – otherwise known as the FirstNet Authority - board has approved a $358 million budget package for the next fiscal year.

According to a statement, the money will be used to fund the agency’s operations, as well as potential network investments. The board allocated the majority of the 2023 budget ($190) for enhancements and upgrades to FirstNet.

Speaking of the ongoing funding, FirstNet Authority board chair, Stephen Benjamin, said: “This action paves the way for [us] to continue to deliver and enhance the network that first responders across the country have come to trust and rely on for emergencies and natural disasters.

“The budget enables the FirstNet Authority to plan for future capabilities on the network, so it evolves with technology and delivers the tools public safety needs to keep themselves and their communities safe.”

Acting FirstNet Authority CEO, Lisa Casias, said: “This budget ensures the FirstNet Authority remains a good steward of funds for public safety, and supports our priorities in the areas of contract oversight, organisational health, stakeholder engagement, and future planning and investments.”

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