Critico joins TCCA

UK-based comms platform provider Critico has joined TCCA.

Critico CEO UK Chris Jones (right), and CEO Ireland, Brian Leppla

The latter describes Critico as “the product of two companies, PageOne and BP Multipage, now working together as one to ensure quality connections between people when it matters most.”

The company operates across a variety of verticals, including emergency services, health, government and energy. It offers, again according to TCCA, “a range of solutions for incident response, site communications, operational alerting, worker management and customer engagement.

“Critico blends mobile messaging technologies to enhance coverage and throughput, together with direct integration with command and control software systems.”

Critico UK CEO, Chris Jones, said: “By joining TCCA, [we] align with a global community committed to advancing critical communications technologies. Together, we embrace innovation, collaboration, and resilience, ensuring our solutions empower societies and safeguard lives, wherever they may be.”

TCCA CEO Kevin Graham said: “It is always a pleasure to welcome new members who have extensive history in the critical communications sectors. We look forward to the Critico team sharing their experience within our international community and contributing to our mission to facilitate information exchange across professional users of critical communications.”