Consort Digital joins TCCA

Consort Digital is the latest organisation to become a member of TCCA. The company describes itself as being involved in the “design, research and development, and deployment of solutions based on open standards, such as TETRA, DMR, and MCX over LTE 4G and 5G.”

Discussing its reasons for joining TCCA, a spokesperson for Consort Digital said: “As a member of TCCA, [we] will initially have the opportunity to participate in working groups, contribute to industry standards development, and collaborate with other industry leaders to address the evolving needs of critical communications.

“Consort Digital will also work closely on designing, manufacturing, building, implementing, utilising, analysing, promoting, developing and deploying critical communications worldwide. [We remain] committed to our mission of providing a safer operational environment, increasing communication efficiency and empowering mission-critical operations with reliable communication.”

The company operates across a variety of mission-critical sectors, including mass transit, transportation and public safety.