Colorado fire departments’ radio upgrade

BK Technologies is rolling out over 300 of its BKR 9000 multiband radios to 26 fire agencies across the county of Boulder in Colorado. The deployment, which took place through the company’s local authorised dealer, is part of a radio upgrade programme.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock/Jennifer

Discussing the rationale for the change, a spokesperson for the company said: “Currently, the fire agencies have several different manufacturers’ radios, operating on Colorado’s DTRS 7/800MHz P25 radio system for daily use.

“The BKR 9000 multiband radio was selected to standardise on a single radio platform that can operate on all P25 radios systems in any frequency band, plus the VHF band for wildland fire operations.”

CEO of BK Technologies, John Suzuki, said: “Boulder County has been a longstanding and valued customer of BK Technologies, and we’re pleased to expand this relationship.

“As a multiband radio, the BKR 9000 allows the county to standardise to a single radio platform to support their multiple fire missions, ultimately saving money by investing in and maintaining a single radio platform. The radios will initially be used for day-to-day fire, EMS, emergency services and SAR operations, as well as responses to wildland fire incidents.”

Boulder County is home to over 300,000 people, encompassing 740 square miles.