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BT deploys preventative healthcare tech

BT Group's ‘digital incubation arm’ - known as Etc. - is piloting a new remote care solution across the North of England.

Photo credit: Adobe Stock

Around 230,000 patients will be involved in the pilot, which according to a statement is intended to “prevent, detect and manage cardiovascular disease through early monitoring and pre-emptive intervention.”  

Discussing the technology, a spokesperson said: “The award-winning preventative remote care solution identifies, monitors and reduces risk of serious cardiovascular events.

“Delivered via a platform for clinicians to monitor patients remotely - and for patients to upload their vitals and biometrics from anywhere via an app - the solution enables preventative, proactive care which could help save £1.5 million in healthcare costs over the next three years.”  

The solution will be rolled out across 26 GP practices in Warrington and Cheshire and is estimated to ultimately prevent around 80 strokes and heart attacks. The deployment follows on from an initial pilot, also in the north of England, which treated 1,090 eligible at-risk patients.

Etc. has also developed a ‘smart practice’ offering. This is designed to improve "GPs' demand management and patient experience by connecting cloud-based telephony with digital access.”