Broadband solutions receive Finnish security clearance

The Bittium Tough Mobile 2 C smartphone has received official ‘confidential’ level encryption classification by the Finnish Transport and Communications Agency. Approval has also been granted for the company’s back-end system, known as the Secure Suite.

Speaking of the move, a spokesperson for the company said: “In order for [this technology] to achieve the ‘confidential’ level classification, there are specific information security requirements that need to be met. [These relate to] the processing of classified information, secure wireless transfer of files and other possible communication.

“[The solutions] include features which have been hardened, based on the Katakri 2020 requirements. This includes the operating system, user identification, as well as data transfer. Katakri 2020 is an information security auditing tool used by the Finnish authorities.”

According to the company, the mobile device possesses a “unique dual-boot functionality,” creating separate ‘personal’ and 'confidential’ operating modes.

Speaking of the accreditation, the Finnish National Cyber Security Centre’s Aki Tauriainen said: "The ability of the Bittium smartphone to handle ‘confidential’ level information improves communication between authorities in a mobile environment."

Bittium senior vice president, defence and security, Jari Sankala, said: "The classification creates a solid foundation for the use of Bittium's secure smartphones [both in Finland and] internationally, making it easier to receive security certifications in other European countries.”

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