Belgium: Astrid renews its contract with the Airbus-Proximus consortium

Astrid, the Belgian national mission-critical network operator, has renewed its support and maintenance contract agreements with the established Airbus-Proximus consortium.

Astrid operates TETRA two-way radio, paging and dispatch networks on behalf of the Belgian public safety and security services (police, fire, health and ambulance services), and several utility and transport companies in Belgium.

The renewed contract includes continuity of support for major components in the Astrid environment including the end-to-end TETRA radio communication network, the integrated ICT platforms, and the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) applications. The contract’s scope also includes operational support as well as preventive, corrective, and evolving maintenance services.

The agreement has taken effect as of July 2019, and is built around four pillars:

  • Mission-critical service continuity to Astrid and to its end users;
  • Cost and pricing optimisation;
  • Service reinforcement; and
  • A Long-term commitment to the evolution and the support of the Astrid systems.

The two parties have also agreed a focus on optimised operational processes and a organisational review. The contract’s cope encompasses support for more than 25 technologies.

“The signature of this contract is a positive momentum to reinforce the basis of the cooperation between Astrid and the Consortium. This agreement is also key to guaranteeing the [longevity] and evolution of Astrid’s services” said Christophe Gregoire, chief technical and operations officer at Astrid. “The renewal of the support contract is also an important milestone to protect the important investments for the renewal, as well as the upgrade and modernisation of these systems performed by Astrid over the last years” Gregoire added.