Video interview: Using data for joined up two-way radio communications

How did GlobalView Systems transition from a BNWAS specialist to a safety and efficiency pioneer?

GlobalView Systems was founded in 2002. Initally a BNWAS (Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System) specialist, the company has consistently helped push data to the right person at the right time.

In this video interview, Matt Wright, CEO of GlobalView Systems, walks us through the company's journey, the challenges it helps its customers address, and what's next on its roadmap.

Wright says, "We are agnostic about the hardware. We love PMR and DMR radios, especially on the Tier 2 level, but PoC [push-to-talk over cellular] is such a fantastic opportunity. That integration, that move between a smartphone and a two-way radio is enticing. And we can add value to that mix, especially for local government and facilities management teams who are looking to do that little bit more with their device."