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Media partner press release: COMNEXT 2024

‘Unveiling the 'specialised worlds' and Japan’s world-class innovation prowess at COMNEXT 2024.’

COMNEXT, Japan’s premier international exhibition showcasing next-generation communication solutions is taking place on June 26–28, 2024, at Tokyo Big Sight. It serves as a hub for the latest advancements in the industry with a special spotlight on Japan’s renowned expertise in the tech industry.

At COMNEXT, attendees can explore the future of communication up close and personal, pioneered by a nation at the forefront of the global technology landscape. 

Unveiling the specialised worlds

COMNEXT goes beyond a traditional exhibition. Through its concept of ‘specialised worlds’ the show gathers a comprehensive showcase of key communication technology areas. These are:

  • 5G/6G World showcases the newest developments and future trends in 5G and 6G technology
  • 5G/6G Material World offers a closer look into the materials and components that are critical to 5G/6G advancements
  • Private 5G World features the applications and benefits of private 5G networks
  • Edge AI/IoT World provides a glimpse into the integration of edge computing and IoT, which are shaping the future of data collection and analysis
  • Optical Communication World (FOE) offers a deep dive into optical communication technology, the backbone of high-speed communication
  • Video Transmission World allows attendees to experience what’s next for video transmission solutions.

These specialised zones not only highlight the advancements that are driving progress in the communication sector but also underscore Japan’s role as a world-class leader in technological breakthroughs.

COMNEXT transcends borders, attracting exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Through its international reach, the event serves as a global platform that fosters collaboration and knowledge exchange, creating a unique opportunity for participants to share ideas, identify solutions, and accelerate the development of next-generation communication technologies. 

By joining COMNEXT, professionals within the industry are provided with a one-stop destination to expand their business network, unlock valuable insights from industry leaders, and discover groundbreaking products and services addressing specific challenges across various communication sectors.

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