​The Ethiopia Electric Utility (EEU) has deployed an ASTRO 25 land mobile radio (LMR) in the region of greater Addis Ababa, to help the safety of grid operations and maintenance staff and provide a better service to its millions of customers in the region.

The system will support the mission-critical communications needs of EEU teams, hundreds of users from service to repair and restoration teams.

Some of the network’s most important sites are powered by a hybrid electric/solar panel system, and include a backup energy solution. The ASTRO 25 system, which uses point to point microwave links for backhaul, is designed to allow the EEU to extend its coverage to other regions.

“As a grid operator, two of our major concerns are the safety of our employees and the service we provide our customers,” said Shiferae Telila, the EEU’s CEO. “ To achieve both, it’s crucial to have a reliable communications system to support our teams’ mission-critical needs. Our uncompromising approach to safety led us to choose a system deployed by top mission critical users globally”

Yuval Hanan, East Africa region manager for Motorola Solutions, said: “We are proud to partner with Ethiopia's national electric utility company, helping them in their mission to provide better service to their customers while keeping the safety of their employees”

Author: Sam Fenwick