Airbus has won a contract to equip 10 metro lines with mission-critical technology in Guangzhou, China

More than seven years after the completion of the first implementation phase of the "Guangzhou Government Shared Network" TETRA network, the system will be enhanced with mission-critical communications technology from Airbus. In the future, the company will provide the latest TETRA technology for the Go-for-Metro project. Originally, Airbus supplied the TETRA system in Guangzhou for the Asia Games in 2010.

Go-for-Metro consists of two phases, in which the metro lines of the rural regions and suburbs are to be integrated into the public transport network. The first phase of the project was carried out in 2016, with nine new metro lines equipped with secure communications technology. These are DXTA TETRA servers and TB3 base stations.

The ‘A’ of the DXTA stands for Advanced Telecommunication Computing Architecture (ATCA), which is widely used in all major global telecom networks. Thanks to the new hardware, Airbus states that the DXTA boasts improved capacity and provides increased flexibility for both TETRA and hybrid networks.

Airbus will be equally involved in the second phase of this project as the company recently won the tender to equip ten metro lines. Airbus will provide mission-critical mobile communications, deploying DXTA servers, TB3 base stations and more than 3,000 terminals.

The Go-for-Metro project will make the Guangzhou Government Shared Network the second largest TETRA network in the Asia-Pacific region, alongside the largest, the Beijing Government Shared Network, also provided by Airbus. The Guangzhou Government Network will ensure smooth communication for more than 45,000 government employees and subway and metro operators.

In addition to the Go-for-Metro project, Airbus is also the supplier of the TETRA systems for seven other lines and provides mission-critical communications for Metro users. In addition, Airbus has provided the TETRA network for Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport.

Author: Sam Fenwick