The Sydney North West Line Metro has deployed a TETRA communications network that will be used to transmit voice and data services.

The network has been built by Teltronic together with MCS Digital, the Australian integrator of mission-critical radiocommunication systems. It comprises the TETRA NEBULA infrastructure, with Site Base Stations (SBS) to cover the entire line, mobile and portable terminals, and 66 onboard RTP-603 radios that comply with the strict railway regulations (EN50155 / EN45545).

It also makes uses of Teltronic’s CeCoTRANS control center solution, with communications managed from seven operator desks.

The Sydney North West Line Metro includes driverless trains, so the TETRA network was required to be integrated with both the passenger warning system and the emergency alarm system. This allows the sending of messages to the train information panels and the transmission of prerecorded messages through the public address.

“The fact of being able to provide technology for the first driverless passenger train in Australia is a great achievement for Teltronic, especially in a project that has needed such an important integration effort. The deployment has been a success and the rest of the country is already observing the example of what TETRA technology is capable of, and we hope that this reference generates new business opportunities,” explained Felipe Sanjuán, director of transportation business development.

The communications network is also integrated with the Automatic Train Supervision (ATS) and the Train Control and Management System (TCMS). These systems allow the correct operation of the vehicles.

Author: Charlotte Hathway