Simoco Wireless Solutions has appointed Peter Scarlata as CEO of Simoco Australasia.

Scarlata has more than 20 years’ experience working at senior levels in national and multinational product management, sales and marketing management, engineering, system integration and general management roles. He joins Simoco Wireless Solutions Pty Ltd (Simoco Wireless Solutions’ subsidiary in the region), from Intelematics, Bosch and CNG Systems where he has held the position of general manager.

Based at the company’s Melbourne headquarters, Scarlata will be responsible for the next phase of business growth with a focus on infrastructure projects and will oversee all management, sales and marketing activity, as well as national and multinational product management and development.

At CNG Systems, a system integrator, he delivered significant growth focused on the transport infrastructure and government verticals. He has held several senior positions at Bosch and has spent time globally in Australia, Germany, China and America where he has led teams of product managers, engineers and purchasing personnel in driving new products to market.

Scarlata’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.), Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering and a Bachelor of Applied Science (B.App.Sci) in Computer Science.

Commenting on his appointment, Scarlata said: “I have been fascinated with the radio industry from a young age and my ambition is to [use my] 23 years of product development, engineering, system integration, sales and business acumen to lead Simoco Wireless Solutions Pty Ltd into its next phase with a focus on significant infrastructure projects”.

“The business will continue to be at the forefront of delivering robust and reliable solutions to customers over the coming years, through exciting technology, such as Simoco Xd, Simoco Pulse, Simoco Bridge and Push as well as [our] existing range of P25 systems.”

Author: Sam Fenwick