Two-way radios manufactured by Sepura were tested during a recent exercise carried out by Madeira’s operational command and military zone teams.

The exercise – known as ESPADA 19 – was intended to test the use of SIRESP (the Integrated System of Emergency and Security Networks of Portugal), in relation to requests made through the country’s Regional Civil Protection Service.

All aspects of the system were tested, including the use of geolocation on Sepura STP9000 hand portable terminals. Interoperability of the company’s radio equipment was also gauged meanwhile, alongside the military tactical radios P/PRC 425.

Speaking of ESPADA 19, an army spokesperson said: “[The exercise] was an excellent opportunity to train and to test the dynamics inherent in the information flow between operational command and the Madeira Military Zone. And to increase the sensitivity of the operators to adapt to this dynamic, adapting the use of the radio procedures in each situation.”

The scenario was based on a simulation of multiple forest fires, all taking place at one time in several areas around the island.

Author: Philip Mason