SCAN Antenna has announced the acquisition of Lambda Antenas SL, aiming – in the company’s words - to “capitalise globally [on] synergies with their combined product and service portfolio.”

According to the company, the deal will take effect immediately, with the agreement being signed by SCAN’s CEO Ole Pflug and Lambda’s former vice president and owner, José María Sopeña, yesterday at Critical Communications World.

Speaking of the deal, a spokesperson said: “This new structure envisions a whole new era for markets worldwide, improving people’s lives by connecting them wherever they need and when they need it most. Both Lambda and SCAN brands will continue, but close cooperation will be effective immediately both in sales and operations."

Ole Pflug said: “I am very excited with this new direction the companies are taking with such a strategic and forward-thinking decision. Lambda and SCAN complement each other really well, and this union will inevitably imply growth and enhanced market positioning thanks to our expanded portfolio and scope”.

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Author: Philip Mason