The Indonesian Federal Police’s command centre vehicles are using satellite technology to provide them with broadband backhaul on the move, thanks to a collaboration between ThinKom, Skyreach, Heimdall Defence and Newtec.

ThinKom supplied its ThinSat 300 flat-panel phased-array antenna, which is integrated with the Newtec Dialog Hub. Heimdall was responsible for system integration, installation, user interface and operator training, and Skyreach is providing VSAT connectivity.

The systems have been initially deployed on two Indonesian Federal Police vehicles, with more installations expected to follow in the coming months. The ThinSat 300 antenna is 4.3 inches high and mounts on a standard roof rack. The total weight, including the radome, is 120 pounds. Based on ThinKom’s patented phased-array technology, the company states that the vehicle-mounted antenna enables robust IP networks, streaming video and voice-over-IP applications without stopping to deploy a fixed satellite terminal or waiting for a blockage recovery.

“The ThinSat 300 mobile satcom antenna provides uninterrupted communication links for the command vehicles, even at highway speeds and off-road terrain conditions,” said Darin Anderson, director of international business development at ThinKom. “The antenna’s spectral efficiency of up to two bits per Hertz delivers high throughput on narrowband channels without spreading the signal, resulting in a substantial savings in operational expenses.”

“Since the beginning, Skyreach, with its experience in mobile satcom technology, has responded to users’ needs for high-quality video surveillance on the move, and the suitable choice has been identified as a combination of ThinSat 300 and Newtec MxDMA technology,” said Jo Rudy Haryoto, founder and CEO of Skyreach.

“This satcom-on-the-move capability will be a tremendous asset to the Indonesian Federal Police in sustaining mission-critical operations across the 6,000 inhabited islands in the Indonesian archipelago,” said Riana Ng, Heimdall regional account director. “Many of them have limited or no terrestrial mobile communications network coverage.”

“Satcom-on-the-move is also useful in urban areas, especially at busy times when a mobile network will not be able to accommodate constant data transfer and cellular 4G bonding technology will fail to accommodate video-streaming,” added Haryoto.

“Emergency services have to deal with life-threatening situations, often with little warning, and in areas where terrestrial connectivity has been degraded, or even destroyed,” said Andrew Faiola, head of mobility at Newtec. “Yet, communications and coordination are mission-critical. The communications solution delivered to the Indonesian Federal Police is a winning combination from ThinKom, Heimdall Defence and Newtec that is cost-effective, easy to use, reliable and secure. It dramatically improves the capability of the police to do their jobs while reducing risk and uncertainty.”

Author: Sam Fenwick