Getac has announced that it has become an official partner of European automotive association, CECRA.

According to a statement, the company will provide guidance to CECRA members around adoption of technology, including AI. It will also aim to help identify early adopters from within the membership itself.

Discussing the partnership, a spokesperson for Getac said: “This is a continuation of [our] impressive growth throughout the automotive industry over the last few years. [We have] delivered reliable rugged solutions to automotive brands all over the world.

“These solutions have helped to solve a variety of key digital challenges, including how to effectively optimise workshop diagnostics and streamline large-scale development and production processes.”

Getac’s global automotive director, Russell Younghusband, said: “We are ideally positioned to support CECRA in its vital mission, helping to introduce intelligent applications and workshop-ready hardware to streamline processes.”

CECRA represents over 300,000 European automotive trade and repair businesses, acting as a “crucial industry watchdog, ensuring the interests of its members on a host of sensitive issues, including data sharing and security of servicing.”

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Author: Philip Mason