Two-way radio specialist Radiotek has joined CSE Crosscom, thereby becoming part of a “global player in critical communications systems.” This follows similar moves on the part of the latter company, involving Chatterbox, Zycomm and DTS.

Discussing the decision, a spokesperson said: “CSE Crosscom is recognised as a critical communications leader throughout the Asia Pacific region, North America and now in the UK, having bought together four leading independent two-way radio and communication specialists, uniting them as one organisation.

“Radiotek, is the second of the brands to be aligned with CSE Crosscom following Chatterbox. All elements of the day-to-day running of the business will remain the same but with new branding.”

The spokesperson continued: “This strategic move aims to leverage Radiotek's strengths in both short-term event rental/hire and large retail solutions. [It will also provide] scale and expanded opportunities to serve a broader customer base, and more and larger events.”

Author: Philip Mason