Gautam Buddha International Airport in Nepal’s Siddharthanagar municipality is rolling out a suite of Sepura SC20 handheld radios. It is the second airport in the country to deploy TETRA, following on from Tribhuvan International in Kathmandu.

Speaking of the roll-out, a spokesperson for Sepura said: “Built on Teltronic’s TETRA infrastructure, [the deployment] is part of the airport’s wider infrastructure upgrade. It will allow the airport to respond to the pressure of moving passengers, luggage and cargo onsite, improving both efficiency and safety.

“The technology will also enable co-ordination between the airport’s security and operational teams for everyday operations and, where necessary, emergency response.”

Future upgrades – via Sepura’s ‘AppSPACE’ environment - will be enabled by the devices’ ability to connect to the airport’s secure Wi-FI network. The solution is being delivered the company's regional partner in Nepal, Mahavir Shree International P.

Pravin Neupane, deputy director of the National Pride Project within the Nepal Civil Aviation Authority, said: “The development of a reliable, robust critical communications system is crucial to our development of Gautam Buddha as an international standard airport.”

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