Leonardo has partnered with the Cortina 2021 Foundation to provide comms for this year’s Alpine Ski World Championships.

As technical partner, Leonardo has installed a dedicated Rete Ibrida Multi-Vettore radio network across 12 sites. According to the company, the system offers both narrowband and broadband, and is “interoperable and fully integrated thanks to the Leonardo Core Network.”

The organisation has also rolled out a bespoke data collection solution, consisting of advanced video surveillance and real time analysis, based on AI. The solution also includes sensor-based field data collection, as well as information classification.

Speaking of the deployment, a spokesperson for the company said: “The technology is implemented by our team of expert technicians and operators. [They are] on site to train and technically assist the staff who will supervise the event for its entire duration, 24 hours a day.”

The Alpine Ski World Championships - which is currently taking place in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Italy - involves 600 athletes from 70 different countries. Leonardo has provided technology to other previous major events including the 2018 Commonwealth Games, and the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.

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