Teltronic and its local partner, Comunitel Radiocomunicaciones, have migrated the buses run by Autobuses Castillo, the Andalusian city of Jaén’s concessionary public transport company, from a 5-tone PMR network to a digital mobile radio (DMR) system.

The new system is comprised of 44 onboard radios, four base stations, a repeater and three portable radios. Teltronic and Comunitel Radiocomunicaciones installed the previous system, which had remained fully operational and functional for more than 20 years.

The modern DMR system went live after tests and development to ensure that some of the characteristics of the legacy network were retained, according to the customer’s wishes. It provides Autobuses Castillo with superior audio quality, encryption and the potential to implement new features in the future.

Author: Sam Fenwick