Gudbrandsdal Energy Nett AS (GE Nett) will be using Sepura’s hand portable SC20 and SC21 terminals as it transitions from its previous analogue radio solution.

GE Nett owns and operates the electricity grid in several Norwegian municipalities. Its network area is approximately 3,700km2 and it serves 20,000 customers across valleys and mountainous areas.

It previously used analogue communications under a VHF-based radio band, but encountered issues with interference, voice quality and the availability of spare parts. This prompted GE Nett to join Nødnett, Norway’s Emergency Service Network.

Access to the critical communications platform enabled GE Nett to take advantage of the advanced features available on the TETRA platform, complemented by Sepura’s secure, tough terminals, chosen for its voice quality, extended coverage and ability to keep working reliably in extreme, remote environments.

The SC20 hand-portable and its compact counterpart the SC21, have been deployed to all users, increasing user safety and enhancing GE Nett’s operational efficiency.

Svein Roger Aanstad, GE Nett’s operation technician commented, “After using Sepura’s SC20 and SC21 models for four months, our experience is that the radio communication delivers clear sound at all times. This is essential in the noisy environments that we work in, where there is a significant risk to life if emergency messages are not received and understood. The radios are robust and intuitive to use, even for first time users.

“Our lives depend on the communications from these radios, so they need to be tough, reliable and excellent quality. We have got that from Wireless and Sepura.”

Author: Charlotte Hathway