Airbus provided secure communications technology to French security forces (police, gendarmerie, and fire brigades) during the G7 summit which took place on 24-26 August in the French southwestern coastal town of Biarritz.

13,200 police officers and gendarmes as well as more than 400 firefighters were involved. Airbus provided dedicated networks and terminals to the to the teams in charge of securing the G7 summit and ensuring the safety of government officials from all over the world, the venue, its perimeter, and the people working on-site.

Airbus is also a long-term provider of INPT, the nationwide Tetrapol network for the French police, fire brigades, emergency healthcare services, customs, national defense forces, mobile gendarmerie, prefectorial authorities and penitentiary administration for prisoner transfers. The company has also been a provider of the French gendarmerie’s secure communications network RUBIS, as well as portable material, and other essential communication equipment for their vehicles, for more than 30 years.

“With various kinds of threats that weigh in on political gatherings of this kind, optimal security conditions are an absolute priority. Through its state-of-the art technology and highly reliable networks implemented to support secure communications operations, Airbus was able to ensure the smooth running of the communication between each member entrusted to protect and secure the G7 summit”, said Olivier Koczan, head of Airbus’s Secure Land Communications division.

Author: Sam Fenwick