The Dominican Ministry of the Interior has announced it has achieved nationwide radio coverage for its Public Safety TETRA network.

The completed TETRA network comprises more than 200 base stations and is used by all police and rescue forces in the country as well as all the 911 emergency call centres within the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region.

German manufacturer of mission-critical communication solutions Hytera Mobilfunk (HMF) has overseen the project since the beginning of 2013 and has accompanied all expansion phases. The first base stations were set up in the country’s capital Santo Domingo, then the network was expanded along the main traffic artery towards Santiago de los Caballeros and the Zona Norte coastal region with national coverage achieved in the latest phase.

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Using the complete Accessnet-T IP, public safety forces in the Dominican Republic communicate via a secure and robust radio next generation TETRA system.

A spokesperson for HMF said: “As an island nation between the Atlantic and the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic is a popular holiday destination. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the capital, Santo Domingo, also attracts countless tourists to the Caribbean metropolis every year. To guarantee public safety and enable task forces to respond quickly, an efficient communication system is indispensable.

“The considerable flexibility of our solution is demonstrated by its easy integration into the 911 emer-gency call system. Components and systems from external manufacturers can be easily integrated into the Hytera infrastructure via the multifunctional A-CAPI interface. The integrated network management system enables user-friendly management of all participants in the radio system.”

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Author: Richard Hook