Bittium is providing software defined radio products based on its Tactical Wireless IP Network (TAC WIN), to the Finnish Defence Forces.

According to Bittium, the purchase order is based on an existing framework agreement between the two parties, which sees the Finnish military issuing separate requests for equipment every year. The agreement - which is worth around 30 million Euros -, lasts until 2024.

Discussing the roll-out, a spokesperson said: “The ordered tactical routers and radio heads are related to several ongoing projects in the Finnish Defense Forces. Bittium TAC WIN provides broadband IP network connections for mobile communication stations and command posts.

“The system supports the combat doctrine of the Finnish Defence Forces where mobility, leading the troops on the move, and effective communications play a key role. The resilient and modular system is used by all three service branches of the Finnish Defence Forces.”

Bittium describes its TAC WIN product as a “software defined radio-based wireless broadband network system intended for military and public safety use. The core of the system is a tactical router that enables users to freely form both wired and wireless broadband data transfer IP connections.”

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