TPG Telecom has been appointed as the lead MNO on an Australian public safety broadband trial. It will deliver the network proof of concept in collaboration with Nokia.

According to a statement issued by TPG, the trial program “will provide a mobile broadband platform for emergency services organisations, aimed at improving access to information, providing real-time, automated situational awareness and enabling emerging technologies to be integrated into operational practices.”

The project is being led by the government of New South Wales “on behalf of all states, territories and the Commonwealth.”

Speaking of the initiative, TPG Telecom CEO, Iñaki Berroeta, said: “The trial will allow for the exhaustive testing of the multi-operator service delivery model to ensure it can provide the critical communications support needed for frontline staff during emergencies and natural disasters.

“Last year’s bushfires, and the recent floods in New South Wales and South East Queensland, demonstrate the importance of emergency services personnel having access to real-time information to enable them to make critical decisions in dangerous, fast-moving situations.”

Head of Oceania for Nokia, Anna Wills said, “Nokia is proud of our innovation and expertise in delivering high quality, secure public safety solutions for emergency services. Communications across services are essential to enabling fast, reliable cooperation between our emergency personnel in times of crisis.”

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