Airbus has expanded its application portfolio for the Tactilon Dabat, its TETRA/LTE hybrid hand portable terminal, and partnered with new professional application developers to better serve the public safety, transportation, and healthcare sectors.

At the Critical Communications World (CCW) exhibition in Berlin from 15 to 17 May 2018, Airbus is displaying applications for professionals that combine multimedia real-time functions with what the company claims to be the highest standards of security.

The applications include:

  • The Triage application from Exomi to help paramedics to send patients’ health data from an ambulance on the scene to the hospital. Airbus states that the app allows easy sharing of data via the Tactilon Dabat and other platforms in control rooms or in the field.
  • ES-Core from Eye Solutions LD which features a secure live video sharing function that supports external video sources, such as from drones or vehicles.
  • Steerpath’s map-based indoor positioning system which is designed to create real-time situational awareness when communication groups move around in- and outdoors. The app is intended to serve security personnel in airports, train stations, or event sites and Airbus states that it doesn’t require configuration and can provide a seamless in- and outdoor positioning. The app also works without a broadband connection.
  • Intelligence on Wheels’ track worker protection app, which uses a map together with train location updates to minimise the risk of collisions. The signals will be sent from the train operator’s control room and the train itself, which is equipped with a Train Collision Avoidance System.

“Our SmarTWISP application developer programme is the key reference point when it comes to creating secure apps,” said Rahim Zaknoun, head of innovation & developer ecosystem at Secure Land Communications of Airbus. “It enables the innovation and professional application development on the top of Airbus’ existing communication technology. It boosts our strong developer ecosystem."

Author: Sam Fenwick