Critical Communications Today talks to CEO of RugGear GmbH Martin Haaf, about the company’s offer.

What do you believe will be the advantages of broadband-based mission critical communications as opposed to narrowband?

We will have more data transaction by using the broadband, such as video, files, maps, and real time data.

Moreover, a larger number of devices can be online with broadband than in narrowband. The user experience will be completely changed, and the efficiency of each person will increase significantly.

What will be the direction of travel for the market in the coming years?

The narrowband solutions will all migrate to the broadband sector. It is only a question of time. More broadband solutions will comply with a common standard like 3GPP. The direction is clearly fixed into LTE technology via PTT and MCPTT.

Will we see a wholesale migration to broadband, or a prolonged period where it will need to interoperate with other standards?

Yes, those will be all migrated sooner or later. Some private broadband solutions - plus public broadband - will be mixed to replace narrowband. During the transition period, there will be gateways used, which allow communication between narrowband and wideband solutions.

What verticals will be at the forefront of this change? What will drive the use case within those verticals?

New certified frequency approved by government will help these changes. Some private networks will be used from some enterprises. Secondly, local governments are applying those wideband devices under private networks.

What will drive the use case within those verticals?

The limitation of current frequency bands will drive this.

How closely do you work with users in the development of your products?

We have been working in this field for more than eight years, having many successful cases worldwide which cover a lot of areas. We are in direct and continuous contact with infrastructure providers, final end users. We are member of the standardisation committees.

Could you tell me more about your mobile device management services, as well as the work you carry out with your software partners?

We are compliant with well-known suppliers of both solutions. On the PTT side, we are working with Motorola, AIRBUS, Genaker, Cello, ESChat. On the MDM side, with AIRWATCH, SOTI, Microsoft Intune, and Scalefusion.

What about your work with Mobile? MOBILE is our partner company. It provides expertise of intrinsically safe devices, used in verticals such as oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and so on. There´s a special product portfolio available.

What plans do you have for the development of your own technology and its position within in the market?

We will work more with vertical industries to understand their requirements. We will bring the technology to those industry areas, including a hand free concept.

We are working on a full range of products, including accessories, to fulfil the needs of our customers. In this area, we are focusing on specific devices, that can also run on specific networks like B31.

Author: Critical Communications Today